Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career

Forbes Top 100 WebsitesCareer Pivot made the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career

We made the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career list with a website that is only 19 months old. I say “we” because I could not have done this without your support. I first want to say

Thank You!

Let’s take a look at who is on the list!

In this post, I want to point out websites that might be very useful in managing your career. My next post, I will be looking at what is not there.

The list is loaded with big names:

  1. CareerBuilder
  3. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  5. Glassdoor
  7. Indeed
  8. LinkedIn
  12. Simply Hired
  13. TheLadders
  14. Twitter
  15. USAJobs

All of these websites are well established and funded. These are either corporate, government, or non-profit.

What sites on the Forbes Top 100 Websites should you consider following:

My Lifestyle Career
Thinking about working on a part-time basis during your retirement? Career coach Nancy Collamer, author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement offers advice on career reinvention, lifestyle-friendly income ideas and the best resources for boomers eager to leave the 9 to 5 workplace behind.

Note – Nancy is a regular contributor to PBS NextAvenue. I have reviewed her book on Amazon. You can read my review here.

Jibberjobber was originally designed to help people organize and track their job search—but has since evolved into a “personal relationship manager” that allows you to manage your job search and optimize your network relationships for the duration of your career. The site was designed by Jason Alba during his first real job search in early 2006. Membership to the website is free, but users can pay to upgrade their account to Silver ($60/year) or Premium ($99/year) status—which offers additional features.

Note – I personally know the Jibberjobber founder, Jason Alba, and he is a true visionary in this arena. I use Jibberjobber in my business and recommend it’s use to my clients. Jason recently published his latest book 51 Alternatives to a Real Job. I have not read this book as yet but plan to write a review before the end of the year.

Pivot Planet
Pivot Planet, a resource for finding real-life career and start-up business advice shared by experienced advisers who can answer your questions and offer insights into their profession anywhere, anytime (for $50+ an hour), is the brainchild of Brian Kurth, founder of the in-person career mentorship company VocationVacations. Pivot Planet connects people around the world looking to “pivot” from an existing career to a new one–or to enhance their current job skills with expert advisers working in hundreds of fields. The advisers provide one-on-one video and phone sessions—and some even offer the option of in-person mentorship.

Note – Brian relocated to Austin Texas in the last year and I have gotten to know this fine gentleman. He has a true passion in helping people. In fact, PivotPlanet was in the NY Times last week — Taste-Testing a Second Career, With a Mentor. Great read

Personal Branding Blog
Founded in 2007 by Dan Schawbel, managing partner at Millennial Branding, a Boston-based company that does research and consulting on Generation Y, Personal Branding Blog offers information about how to create your personal brand. The blog includes video podcasts, interviews with branding specialists, research reports, articles and games. Schawbel is also a contributor and the author of Me 2.0, Revised and Updated Edition: 4 Steps to Building Your Future and Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success

Note – I write a weekly blog post for this website that appears every Sunday. The same article appears the following Wednesday on this blog. Personal Branding is key to every baby boomers future. It is important that you get a thorough grasp of this topic.

Next week, I will make some observations of what is not on the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your career list.


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  1. Title says top 100 – I count 19, thinking you may be missing a few. I know you stated that in your next post you would post what is not there…weird, but OK.

    Just saying, maybe the title should say Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career minus 81.

    My 2 cents.

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