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Strategic Networking

Stategic NetworkingOften, when I talk about strategic networking, people immediately think of networking events. Their palms get sweaty—as they would rather get a root canal surgery than walk into a room full of strangers.

This whitepaper documents a strategy that nearly everyone can execute in order to build and maintain the relationships they will need for their career.

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The Multi-Generational Workplace

MakiMulti-Generational Workplaceng Generational Diversity Work

The multi-generational workplace…really?

The multi-generational workplace is here and will not be going away!

Are you ready?

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Baby Boomer Manifesto

Don’t Retire Even If You Can — A Baby Boomer


Baby Boomers embraced retirement like a religion. It was all the doctrines and fables wrapped up in a 401K: The ant and the grasshopper; sacrifice and paradise; work hard all your life, save your money in an IRA and receive your reward at the end. If you hate your job, retirement becomes that much sweeter. Keep your eyes on the day when, like the beautiful, silver haired couple in the retirement brochure, you‘ll be able to quit work and spend your days at the beach.

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Flexjobs.Com Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Noticed by Employers


Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Noticed by Employers

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Linking with a Recruiter for Strategic Networking (Part 1) – This is part of a Blog Post teaching people how to connect with recruiters in the hiring process.

Strategic Networking (Part 2 ) – This video covers how to use LinkedIn to find and then connect with relevant people within a target company.

#1 Setting on LinkedIn to Keep Your Current Employer from Knowing You are Looking for a Job  – You have a jobbut you want to move on. You want to network and ask for advice but how do you keep your current employer in the dark?