Career Pivot is a career design firm

for those in the 2nd half of life like you who want a change, but know you can’t just leap from one life to another.

You need a series of pivots—in basketball, a move that keeps one foot firmly planted while the other swings forward. Career Pivot helps you move toward your new career in small, practical steps that land you where you want to be.

We’ll work with you to design a strategy of manageable pivots toward a career you can grow with, one that will fulfill you for decades.

With Career Pivot, you won’t just jump from the frying pan into the fire. You’ll make positive choices for your whole life, not just your job. And take control of where your future is headed.

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Career and Industry Disruption

Dealing with Career and Industry Disruption

Career Pivot in the 2nd Half of Life

Making a Career Pivot in the 2nd Half of Life

Career Success in the 2nd Half of Life

Help for your Career Success in the 2nd Half of Life

Life and Careers in the 2nd Half of Life

How Life and Careers Have Changed


The New Retirement


Marc was selected for the PBS’s Influencers in Aging for 2017

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Client Testimonials – What are people saying about the Career Pivot Community?

  • I’ve been a member of the Career Pivot community for a while now and have been delighted with the support and guidance that I’ve received. This isn’t a group and Marc isn’t the type of person that makes ridiculous promises or puts you under a lot of pressure to get quick results. Results come by making incremental changes regularly but they do come! Marc helps each of to grow in our own way. The community is a comfortable safe place to discuss our common problems and to work towards long term improvement.
    Gene, Construction Business Consultant
  • Career Pivot is an outstanding resource for Gen-X and Baby Boomers like me looking to refocus the second half of our careers in a new direction. A very supportive community and resources including the online forum, accountability groups, community calls, and guest speakers help navigate the many challenges along the way. I’ve benefited immensely from Career Pivot.
    Matt, Marketing Consultant
  • The community is a group of people who are challenging themselves to become more aware, to question the workplace roles that have gotten them to this place, and to explore more authentic approaches for their professional life. The bond you form with the community is a powerful motivator and a secure place to get ideas, feedback, and be held accountable. Investing your time in this community of seekers provides the encouragement and momentum necessary to make a career pivot happen.
    Charles, Public Policy Fellowship
  • I have been a Career Pivot member for nearly a year. Marc provides a forum for regular encouragement and support that has kept me feeling enthusiastic, engaged, and increasingly creative and open to new opportunities. I appreciate the community calls where a diverse group share ideas, and the one to one connections with individual community members including a terrific accountability partner. If you’re looking for a like-minded group of people excited about exploring and finding “what’s next”, give The Career Pivot Community a try.
    Debra, Business Consultant and Coach
  • Joining Career Pivot is the best thing I’ve done in the past year. The group helped me transition from a career in tech to something more aligned with my soul. Making this change could have been a scary, anxiety-provoking experience. Instead, with Marc’s insightful guidance and the community’s ongoing support, navigating the transition is more like a fun adventure. Six months after joining Career Pivot, I’m well on my way to having a job that inspires me on a daily basis.
    Shana, Content Strategist
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