The New LinkedIn Profile – A Video Tour

Linkedin-3D-256A new LinkedIn profile format has been rolled out to most of you by now. Let me highlight some of the changes I see and then give you a short video tour.

New LinkedIn Profile Overview

  • Your picture is larger
  • Some LinkedIn Applications have gone away. This appears to be a work in progress!
  • LinkedIn Applications are now attached to your summary
  • You can attach any type of media that is available via a URL to any section. VERY COOL!
  • Recommendations are now statically at the bottom of your profile. I think this will change. NOT SO COOL!
  • It is much more obvious how to move sections around in your profile

Let me take you on a short 3 minute tour of the new LinkedIn Profile

This new LinkedIn profile has been phased in over many months. Many of us who use LinkedIn applications received the new format in the last week. I am still seeing a few profiles that have not been updated.

I believe there are more changes coming. I see no reason for endorsements of skills and expertise to be moveable in your profile but recommendations are stuck at the bottom!

It is pretty obvious to me that the migration of LinkedIn applications is not complete. If you are using the LinkedIn Portfolio application or the Slideshare application then those applications are migrated over. You cannot add those applications in after you have been migrated to the new LinkedIn Profile. The new media icon that I showed you in the video is to replace the applications. Hmmm…. we will have to see how well that works.

So what do you think? 

What did they miss?

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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. Thanks Marc. Very nice overview, and helpful too. All the best to you!

    Keith German

  2. Dean Goranson says:

    I was just getting used to the old format, it feels like I’m having to start all over again. Is
    Linkedin run by the people at Google? They tend to drive you nuts with there messing
    around with everything and then you have to figure out what they did. Must be some
    inside joke.

    • Marc Miller says:

      It is not as bad you make it. The format update is quite attractive but functionally not much changed. The big change is the LinkedIn apps and the ability to add rich media to just about anywhere in your profile.

  3. The new LinkedIn profile has some great additions. It is much cleaner and easier to navigate. It is also easier to see how complete your profile is. At the top of your profile page, LinkedIn shows you your level of completeness, and if your profile is not complete, click on the “improve your profile” button and LinkedIn will walk you through the steps to complete your profile.

    • Marc Miller says:

      It is much cleaner and easier to navigate. My profile is at “all star” level but it does completely fill the circle. When I go to “improve your profile” it keeps asking me to add courses to my education credentials. Sorry but I left my formal education behind a long time ago! 8^)

    • Marc Miller says:

      How or where did you find my blog?

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