My Boss is a Jerk …wait a minute I am my own boss!

My Boss is a Jerk!

My boss is a jerk, but…. wait a minute I am my own boss!

My boss knows when I am :

  • goofing off
  • faking being sick
  • procrastinating
  • going to be late with a project

I often joke that when I get up every morning I try to fire my boss! The problem is he will not leave!!

My boss is very demanding and is impatient in how slow the business is developing. It does not matter that the business is growing at a rapid pace, it is still too slow.

One of the challenges of working for yourself is the buck stops with you!

I know, I know you are going to respond that you will never work for yourself. If you really think that read this article on a leading recruiting website Experts Predict: Half Your Workforce Will Be Temps.

The article states:

Dana Shaw, former senior vice president for Staffing Industry Analysts, says, “Currently, the average mix of contingents in the Fortune 100 is 20-30 percent of the workforce, but it will evolve to 50 percent.” That evolution, she says, will be complete in barely eight years.

What this means is half of the workforce by 2020 will be contractors which means, you work for yourself!

What am I doing about the problem?

My multiple careers have left me with a unique problem. I am very horizontally skilled. I know how to do a lot of things and I am an expert in only a few. What I have done is identify the following:

  • Areas where I am capable of doing the work and I like doing it, but it is cheaper to pay someone else to do the work. A good example of this is my website. I can make updates to the site and I like doing this. Anything past minor updates I pass along to my webmaster and pay her. She can make the updates twice as fast as I can. My time is valuable!
  • Areas where I am capable of doing the work but I do not particularly like doing it. These are the areas where I will procrastinate. Procrastinate big time!! I am working on getting another whitepaper out based on my presentation – Creating a Professional Brand that People will Remember using LinkedIn. I cannot get myself to sit down to write it!! I will be working with my writer, Susan Lahey of Fish Pond Content, to get this produced.
  • Areas where I know it is best to let others do the work. I have zero taste when it comes to how things look. My book cover design was completely outsourced and I did a lot of crowd sourcing in getting feedback.

It is a matter of understanding your blind spots!

Can you work for yourself? If you think you will never work for yourself I suggest you rethink it!

My boss is still a jerk but he is getting better!

If you missed my recent post on my upcoming book “Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers” please go check it out.


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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. Spot on on so many counts. My bos is a jerk. I am my own boss. And I truly believe we’re right in the middle of a major shift in how we work. Richard Florida wrote about it in The Rise Of The Creative Class a decade ago!
    The implications this has are gigantic. Everything from the relevance (and accuracy) of unemployment statistics, to the increasing need for each one of us to be our own marketing department. That’s why so many are hurting these days. Embrace the change, I say, and be ahead of the curve.!

    • Marc Miller says:

      Nando you are correct as always! There will be major changes in the work world over the next 10-20 years. The scary part is many of my generation, baby boomers, are very risk averse. This can be very scary stuff!

  2. Elizabeth Rabaey says:

    It definitely encourages me to think creatively about my next job. Because we are moving towards where all employees are contractors or temporary employees, it is better to put the pieces in place to help you decide what you want to do before someone or something makes that decision for you. By taking ownership in my career and the changes I want to make, I am already seeing results.

    Love the photo!!

    • Marc Miller says:

      Elizabeth your last sentence is spot on. You are taking OWNERSHIP and not letting your career just happen.

  3. I am often my own most hated boss, but I also have to learn not to listen to her/me! It seems I am harder on myself than ANY boss could EVER be, so the challenge is in realizing what you are really good at, focusing on those tasks that put you in FLOW and then delegating and/or contracting out the things that take you forever, which you procrastinate and/or just plain HATE to do. There is nothing more empowering than accepting that you can not always be an effective and efficient Jack (or Jill!)-of-all-trades/master-of-none and that you sometimes have to focus on just ONE aspect of the business at a time (or day). My current challenge is finding ways to make my personal PR, communication and branding meet the same demands I make of my clients and/or colleagues. And above all, not underestimating my current bandwidth and/or the time it takes for some critical, strategic and thoughtful tasks that should take more time to be done well.

    Thanks, Marc, for reminding us all of the exciting possibilities of this brave new world!

    • Marc Miller says:

      I talk about creating our professional brand story in the presentation I give regularly. The worst person to write our own brand story is ourselves! We are our own worst enemy! 8^)

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