#1 Setting on LinkedIn to make sure your LinkedIn profile is found by Google

I have been teaching a workshop called “The Art and Science of Using LinkedIn” to both job seekers and small business owners.  What I have found is 20-30% of my students have virtually nothing in their public profile.

What is a LinkedIn Public Profile?

You have to tell LinkedIn what sections of your LinkedIn profile to expose to the various search engines.

Watch the video below how to check your LinkedIn profile. Switch to full screen to get the full effect.

Please run a Google search on your name and see if your LinkedIn profile comes up first.  Did you have all of the boxes checked?

Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


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  1. Dean Goranson says:

    Hi Marc

    You suggested I expand the video to full screen to get a better idea on how to build my
    public profile I was not able to do that got any suggestions? I’ll check out the other links
    you have provided to see If I have any better luck since I plan on getting started on this
    linkedin project very soon


  2. Marc Miller says:

    Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube Video. It looks like a box. That is the YouTube control to go to full screen.

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