Teacher turns 99 – Will you be working at 99?

Will_you_be_working_at_99 Will you be working at 99?

You are probably saying – working at 99?

Why would I want to do that? To get the rewards you want!

The idea for this post came from a CNN Story called America’s Oldest Teacher Celebrates Her 99th Birthday.

“For 60 years, Agnes Zhelesnik was a stay-at-home mother and wife. She began teaching part-time at the Sundance School in 1995, when she was 81.”

“Eventually, she became a full-time teacher at the school, instructing classes on cooking, sewing and costume-making. She still comes to work every day.”

The point is she is working because she wants to work.

The article further goes on to say:

“I love them. They’re my best helpers. That’s the only reason why I come here, is the children,” Zhelesnik says, her blue eyes sparkling behind silver metal-framed glasses.

Why do you go to work?

Many of us the primary reason we go to work is to make money.

What other rewards to you get from work today?

In a perfect world, what rewards would you like to get from work?

I just spent an hour with my client helping her prepare for her annual review with her CEO. In past years, the CEO has intimidated her during the review. Watching her grow in confidence is a tremendous reward for me. In addition, having her recognize the improvement and then simply saying thank you is very gratifying.

The reward I want the most is the feedback from my customer that they appreciated what I did for them.

Most of us want some combination of the following:

  • Bonus check
  • Public recognition
  • Pat on the back from the boss
  • Pat on the back from your team
  • Pat on the back from your client

Which of these are important to you?

When or if you retire how will you get your rewards?

Agnes went to work at the age of 81 to get the rewards she wanted. What are you going to do?

Will you be working at 99? Will you be getting the rewards you want?


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