Playing it Safe with your Career is the New Risky

Are you Playing it Safe with your Career?Playing it safe with your career

Are you Playing it Safe with your Career? I have been writing for the last couple of weeks about how Baby Boomers trained by our parents not to take risks with our careers.

Playing it safe is the new risky!

If you think that your employer plans on keeping you for more than three years or expect you to hang around more than three years you are playing it safe and that is pretty risky!

I started taking risks in my career a dozen years ago but in fact, when I have made those career decisions that were actually pretty safe, they felt very risky?

I started the planning process for Career Pivot in early 2009. I did not incorporate until late 2010 and did not formally launch the business until the middle of 2011. I had thought things through, gotten advice from many trusted advisers, and hired a coach.

Earlier this year, on a Sunday afternoon I had a phone conversation with my coach, Sherry Lowry.

I told her that I was feeling very anxious about a variety of things going on at the time.  Logically, I knew everything was going to plan but emotionally I was a wreck. Sherry reminded me that I had re-made myself many times before (This was the seventh career change of some sort in 35 years) why was the different? I told her it was not, every time I go through these changes it is very anxiety provoking. I perceived emotionally that I was taking a big risk. It was my perception and therefore, it was my reality. I was not playing it safe!!

I have a good friend who is a former high tech executive. He started a business five years ago which is now a profitable and growing. He takes no salary. He plows every last cent back into the business. His plan is to sell the business after 8-10 years for a few million dollars. He has thought this out carefully. Logically, it makes complete sense. Now comes the emotional side.

I suffer from the same syndrome my friend does. It is 4 AM, I wake up in a sweat and think I do not have a paycheck! This is the I do not have a paycheck syndrome. No one is there to take care of me.

The days of having a employer, company, government,…. who will take care of you are gone. Career Safety is the New Risk.

When I left my last corporate employer I swore I would never work for anyone again as an employee. My wife and I have downsized. We have greatly simplified our lives. We are living mostly on savings. I am not taking the safe route but it is safer than being an employee!

Are you playing it safe with your career?

Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


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