What If You Are Not Passionate About Anything?

What if you are not passionate about anything?

Well, there are a lot of us out there who are not passionate about anything.

I have talked about those interests that you must fulfill to be happy. In my last post, I talked about my wife and her very high outdoors interest.  She knew about this — kinda but she was not aware of it to the extent that she would go outdoors when she felt blue or just needed a boost.

What happens when you are not passionate about anything!

That is me!

I do have a lot of interests but nothing I am passionate about.  This came out in my Birkman assessment. A score of 85 or above is a strong interest.  A score over 90 is something you must have in your life to be happy.

What you will notice about me is:

  • I like putting things together, either physically or logically. (Mechanical)
  • I like helping people.  I have run help desks, support groups and been in training most of my career. (Social Service)
  • I like to research stuff, and figure things out. (Scientific)
  • I like to propose ideas and communicate. (Persuasive)
  • To a lesser degree I like the outdoors. (Outdoor)

What do I not like to do?

  • I am not a reader AT ALL! (Literary)

If you have read earlier postings you would have learned that I graduated from high school reading extremely poorly.  I read at maybe 30-40 words per minute.  Reading was hard work! Even though I have overcome that in the last 30 years I still do not read for enjoyment.  I read books when required.

I do not love to do anything.  I like to do a lot of things.  This is both good and bad.  On the good side, I have been able to move around in my career.  Programmer, engineer, trainer, IT consultant, public speaker, sales person, school teacher, help desk support person, non-profit fundraiser and now a career designer.

On the bad side, I have been directionless from time to time. I wrote about this in my post when I left teaching titled Dealing with that Directionless Feeling.  Rather interesting this post is found by readers using Google search every week. I am not the only one who gets this feeling from time to time.

How about you?  Do you feel that you are not passionate about anything.

Are you driven by a single calling? I will wrap up this series in my next post.

Note: This post is found daily! If you have found this article you are not alone. There are a lot of us who are not driven by any one interest! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU OR ME!


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  1. Well Marc, your writing here is quite good and that is primarily because it is clear and concise. I suspect those qualities are present, in part, because both reading and writing are not easy for you, so you write for yourself but not to too great an extent.

    I am much like you in that I am good at and enjoy many things, but do not have one or two overriding passions, however, I can get really passionate about a job or task that incorporates several of the things I enjoy most. I was particularly happy as a technical trainer doing Datamarts and ETL (and also Comp) because I could spend time with people and help them, but also do some really technical stuff and solve problems. I also got to travel, research and be persuasive and get well paid for doing those as well. From that I take it that just because one is not above 90 in any one area of Birkman, that doesn’t mean that you might not have a job or hobby that you aren’t passionate about. I suspect that Birkman is just limited for some of us who have wide ranging talents and interests.

    Unfortunately with the economic downturn most jobs like that went away even though I’m seeing a greater and greater need for them all over. I transitioned into being pretty much a full time consultant which I find is rather limiting for me and working from home without much human contact is not the best for me either. I’ve joined a new company that is smaller and I will get the chance to work onsite with customers and develop training again so perhaps I can work my way back into the true job I can be really passionate about if I’m lucky. Otherwise I’ll be calling you early next year.

    • Marc Miller says:

      Glad you have found a new place. I know you were pretty miserable where you were.

      I have had people complement me on my writing. It is much easier now. Give me a call sometime and let’s have lunch.

  2. Hello. What do you recommend for someone who doesn’t like to do anything. I’ve been trying hard to find something I’m passionate with no luck. Whatever I set out to achieve takes a great deal of effort and energy for me to focus on the tasks and goals. I get discouraged quickly because things are very hard for me to accomplish. If I get stuck with something I get depressed and tell myself how stupid I am. The only thing I like to do is travel and seek thrills. Is there hope for me?

  3. Marc Miller says:

    You are interested in traveling. What sparks you from travel?

  4. hi marc, I am some what of your kind as of now but I really want myself to have one passion , I am 25 year old and bit lazy want to get over with this habit. I want to have running as my passion but i rarely run. Being in India it is not easy here to have a passion other than academic studies. I wanted some help in how to cope my situation. would you suggest something.

  5. I am not interested in anything really anymore and passion is a foriegn word.

    I burned myself out working too much, made myself sick.

    Tried going back to school but it was much harder than I thought, and i really really tried hard and ran out of money.

    I have a part time job that i make less than $1000 a month.

    In a relationship but I don’t interact with people like friends….

    I’m completely lost in life

    Suicide is my retirement plan when I get too old

    I wish I felt better. How?

  6. I have never taken that mentioned assessment but find myself similarly without such a passion. Even things that mildly hold my interest do so only briefly. Never really liked any job I have had, even the ones where bosses and coworkers praised me regularly. When asked what I would like to do instead the answer is simply ‘not this’. Never found my ‘bliss’. I do not expect to necessarily love my job and am generally just glad to be employed, and cannot imagine anything I would happily do for the rest of my wirking life :(

  7. I feel the same way. I really like a lot of things. If offered to do those, I wouldn’t refuse. However, if not offered, I wouldn’t fight for it. I see so many of my friends passionate and driven for something. I just do things because I have to. I really hate it sometimes. Why can’t I be passionate about something?

    • Nikki,
      There is nothing wrong with you. I am the same way and about 10-20% of the population is this way. What I find is those of us who have lots of interests have to keep our job fresh. My goal now is to add something new to my business every year.

  8. Thank you so much for this article. It feels comforting to know I’m not the only one who is a jack of all trades and not passionate about any of them. Why can’t I be happy with my work? I’ve been asking myself this question all my life. Pretending I’m really passionate or interested in what I’m doing but truthfully just going through the motions. I felt cursed by having too many interests. At my age (52), work I think I might be interested in doing would just take too much time and money to get up to speed to make a decent salary. Or, I’m too afraid to try because I think about ALL the work that would be involved in getting into a business and the fact there’s no guarantee it will be profitable or successful.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment that “those of us who have lots of interests have to keep our job fresh.” This statement accurately describes me.

    Thanks for your articles, they are very interesting, insightful, and helpful too.

  9. hello sir,
    i not yet decided any profesion in my life.because i was defeated by everyone i not even feel victory in my life.can u guide me sir

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