Don’t Retire Even If You Can — A Baby Boomer Manifesto

Baby Boomers embraced retirement like a religion. It was all the doctrines and fables wrapped up in a 401K: The ant and the grasshopper; sacrifice and paradise; work hard all your life, save your money in an IRA and receive your reward at the end. If you hate your job, retirement becomes that much sweeter. Keep your eyes on the day when, like the beautiful, silver haired couple in the retirement brochure, you‘ll be able to quit work and spend your days at the beach.

Of course, there was a chance we‘d get hit by a meteor first. Or the economy could tank and take all our retirement savings with it. But those possibilities seemed remote.

For a lot of us, retirement became golden handcuffs, keeping us tied to careers where we had to drag ourselves to work every day and, once there, create diversions to distract us from the fact that we were there.

We knew people who changed careers, deciding 20 years was too long to wait to enjoy life. But those were the line jumpers. The rest of us stayed put. We didn‘t want to start over again and we weren‘t sure what career to choose if we did. So we hung in there. We thought we were playing it safe.

Then the economy did tank. Our great reward, our retirement, vanished almost overnight taking with it our entire vision of the future and flushing all our years of service to the 401K god. It looks like our entire generation got duped.

But here‘s the plot twist. —— To read the rest, enter your e-mail address we will send you a note with instructions to download the Manifesto

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