Top 10 Shared Career Pivot Posts – It may surprise you!

Career PivotTop 10 Shared Posts

So what were the Top 10 shared posts in 2012?

There were over 30,000 visits to this website in 2012. It is not a huge e-commerce site but has been fairly successful since the Career Pivot brand was launched in February of this year.

Even I was surprised when I added everything up. These were the posts that readers shared with their friends via Social Media (LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter or Google+) or E-mail.

  1. What if you are not passionate about anything? Shared 973 times. This blog post is found multiple times everyday!
  2. Baby Boomer Retirement – Next Steps – Shared 473 times. I pose the what, where, when, why and how questions for baby boomer retirement.
  3. Don’t Retire Even If You Can — A Baby Boomer Manifesto – Shared 287 times. This post announced the availability of the whitepaper of the same name.
  4. What if you are not passionate about anything? – Followup – Shared 246 times. Same as #1.
  5. LinkedIn Recommendations versus Endorsements – Shared 219 times. The most popular LinkedIn related post.
  6. 50 Amazing Numbers About Today’s Economy – Shared 178 times. This was a post commenting on a article from the Motley Fool.
  7. LinkedIn Endorsements – What the heck are these? Shared 172 times. My first post on LinkedIn Endorsements.
  8. 2 Great Perspectives on Retirement – Shared 165 times. This is a post where I comment on two recent articles OurRidiculous Approach to Retirement and How Much Is A Future Year Worth
  9. I hate my job! How will I find a new job and not make the same mistake again? – Shared 160 times. This was a post on how to find a job via the methods taught in the Cure for Career Insanity series.
  10. Connecting with Strangers on LinkedIn – Shared 155 times. My post on engaging strangers when they send invitations to connect rather than ignoring them.

What were the common themes?

  • Lack of passion in careers
  • Retirement or the lack of one’s ability to retire as planned
  • LinkedIn
  • Job Search

I have been completely surprised by the number of times that my post “What if you are not passionate about anything?” is found but equally surprised at how often it is then shared.

I was not surprised by the frequency that retirement posts were shared. This is a topic that is near and dear to just about every Baby Boomer.

Did any of these surprise you? If so, which one?

If you missed my recent post on my upcoming book “Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers” please go check it out.


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