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Career Pivot Evaluation

AssessmentDo you know how people perceive you? Do you know what you want in a work environment? Do you know how you want to be rewarded in the workplace?

The goal is to develop a clear understanding how you appear and how you want to be treated in the workplace. Understanding where you have morphed your behavior to fit into the corporate world is critical to understanding yourself.

This package includes:

  • Taking the Birkman/AboutU Assessment, Followed by three feedback sessions
  • Career Reflection – We will document the characteristics you want in:
    • Boss
    • Team
    • Rewards
    • Activity
    • Structure and Rules
    • Emotions
    • Variety

The products you will receive from this package:

  • Birkman/AboutU Report – Over 25 pages of detail analysis of your interests, 11 different behaviors, how closely you fit into standard corporate roles, your natural management styles, your decision making style. For more read the section on the Birkman assessment below.
  • Personal Vocabulary – A list of 10-20 words or phrases that you are comfortable using in describing yourself. You will be comfortable answering the interview question – “Tell me about yourself” using this vocabulary.
  • Personal Decision Making Description – A one paragraph description in your own words of how you make decisions. This is critical in the hiring process to determine a right “fit”. Will your style fit in the new organization.
  • Core Needs and Stress Behaviors – You will receive your Life Style Grid which contains descriptions of your core needs and stress behaviors in the workplace. From this you can develop standard questions to ask in interviews to determine whether the organization is a good fit for you. Understanding your core stress behaviors will help you detect early when you become stressed and develop coping mechanisms when you are not getting your needs met.
  • Personal Career Filter – Based on your career reflection worksheet you will create a filter that you can compare each new opportunity to your optimal work characteristics

Don’t jump into another job search without knowing who you are and what constitutes fulfillment for you. This crucial first step puts you on the right path for a successful career pursuit.

Price – $695

Duration – Two to three weeks

Brand Story Development

Personal Brand for Baby BoomersYour brand story tells perspective employers who you are and not what you have done. The process is as follows:

  • Together we will develop a key set of phrases that describes you. (Some will come from your Personal Vocabulary List)
  • Together we will select a theme for the story (link to be post will be added)
  • Together we will develop the basic content for the theme
  • We will turnover the writing of the story to someone you know (family member, spouse, friend,…..)
  • Together we will edit the story and insert appropriate keywords

This story can be used in your LinkedIn profile summary section, in cover letters and in answering the interview question “tell me about yourself”.

Price – $895

Duration – Three to four weeks to complete

Targeted Job Search

NetworkingA targeted job search targets the company where you want the work and not the job. During this process you will:

  • Develop a list of companies that could hire you
  • Develop and execute a strategy to connect with current and former employees of your target companies
  • Customize your LinkedIn profile to attract your target companies

Price – $895 for the first three months of support and $695 for additional three months of support

Additional Services

  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Resume makeover
  • Interview support
  • …….

All packages can be combined at significant discounts

Ask about discounts for the unemployed!

Birkman Assessment

The Birkman Method® consists of a 298-question personality assessment and a series of related report sets that facilitate team building, executive coaching leadership development, career counseling and interpersonal conflict resolution. The Birkman Method® combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation into one single assessment, which provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis, thus reducing the need for multiple assessments. The questionnaire is delivered on-line and should take about 45 minutes to complete.
Career Pivot provides three hours of feedback spread over two sessions. You are given homework between the two sessions to assist you in internalizing the results. You will receive the most comprehensive personality assessments on the market.

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