The Career Playbook Series: Boomers + Second Half Plays

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Do you have a playbook for your career? I wish I’d had a playbook when I started my career!

What about now?

Do you feel a little lost and not sure where to go next?

For many of us who are over 50 years of age, the concept of career has changed. It is now just about making enough money to pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

The work world has changed. The concept of being hired for a full time job and receiving a steady paycheck is rapidly disappearing.  For most baby boomers, this is really scary.

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What if you had a Baby Boomer Career Playbook that laid out your options going forward?

I was recently introduced to Carleen McKay who is with Ageless In America and the San Diego Mature Workforce Coalition.

Carleen has launch the first of a series of playbooks. It is called The Career Playbook Series: Boomers + Second Half Plays.

The concept behind this playbook is to give you real life examples of what you could do if you exited the traditional world of full time employment.

The book contains real stories from real people (names were changed to protect the innocent!).

You do have options rather than going to work full time for an employer! For many, going to work full time is no longer an option.  This book provides powerful stories and lessons about baby boomers who have taken a different path.

  1. Portfolio Workers – Juggling preferences
  2. Starting Over – When the job you once held no longer exists
  3. Starting Out – Entering the workforce for the first time at 50+
  4. Learners – Repositioning through learning
  5. Virtual Workers – Working from here, there and anywhere but an office
  6. “Freelancers” – Temps, free agents, contractors
  7. Interim Executives – Leaders of change
  8. Global Workers – Working from everywhere
  9. Job/Work Cyclers – Managing multiple changes
  10. Barterers – Collaborating and gain-sharing
  11. Good Workers – Doing what matters for others
  12. Subject-Matter-Experts – Focusing on expertise
  13. The Buyers – Small businesses or franchises
  14. The Innovators – Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs

Download it now! It is free!

Other Playbooks

Carleen is helping others create playbooks. Here are two playbooks that are in the works:

The Playbook for The Young Women of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Less than half of young people entering STEM careers are young women.  Role models and the stories of successful Millennial women in these careers are, in my opinion, the prime motivator to encourage women into the careers that will dominate the future.

 The Playbook for Interns

It’s intention is to encourage internships in order to ensure employ-ability upon college graduation.  While written primarily for anticipated graduates; all stages of internships will be addressed.

Take a moment and download The Career Playbook Series: Boomers + Second Half Plays and let me know what you think.

Does this help you along in your career journey?

Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


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  1. Even though I’m in the fourth quarter of the game, I’m awestruck by the range of options presented in Carleen Mackay’s Playbook. As my savings run out, it’s time to shift backwards from giving it away to seeking reimbursement. The great thing about the Playbook is that I’m able to see myself in a couple of those stories. Very useful!

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