Strategic Relationships – A True Story

Strategic RelationshipsStrategic Relationships

This last week has been amazing and all brought about by multiple strategic relationships.

PBS Next Avenue

My relationship with PBS Next Avenue , which is a PBS website dedicated to the support of the Baby Boomer issues, began sometime in 2012.   I was quite impressed with the breadth of issues they covered. I volunteered to be on an advisory panel (Facebook private page). I participated in a number of conversations over the course of 2012 providing my opinions on what I thought about the content. By the way, this is a high quality website.

Over the course of 2012, I regularly shared PBS Next Avenue material over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I did this because it was very good material.

The point here is I gave and I gave and I gave. This went on for a significant period of time. I had no plans at the beginning of getting anything back.

When Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers was ready to be published I reached out to their social media person, Bryce Kirchoff, to see if they would be receptive to have a short phone call. Bryce introduced me to Richard Eisenberg, managing editor for PBS Next Avenue.

Last December, I sent a pre-release copy of my book to Richard and he suggested we make a pitch. When I say we, I mean Susan Lahey, my co-author/ghost writer, and myself. Susan put together several pitches, something I could not do, and Richard’s editors accepted one of them.

Last week, our article The Key to a Successful Career Shift: Asking for Help went live on the Next Avenue website. It had links back to my website and a wonderful image of my book.

Strategic Relationships

There were three strategic relationships to this story:

  • Bryce Kirchoff – We had gotten to know each other via the Facebook page that led to a phone conversation and an introduction.
  • Richard Eisenberg – Who helped us craft our story to be accepted by his editors
  • Susan Lahey – Susan and I have worked together for over a year. She is extremely adept in writing in my voice. She wrote the pitch and the article. She has the skills to craft words beautifully. This is a strategic relationship.


Last Friday, Richard informed us, Susan and I,  that the article had been picked up and was on the Forbes Website. For a first time self published author, this is huge.

I then reached out to my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ contacts and asked them to go to the website and share, share and share some more.

By Sunday afternoon, the article had been viewed over 1500 times and was in the top five trending articles on the site and #1 in the investing section.

To my friends who shared my article with their friends, THANK YOU!

Paying It Forward

I believe all of this happened because I have been paying it forward for a long time.

My good friend Steve Harper describes this best in his book The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Life & Business (Second Edition).

The concept is when you do the right thing by someone else, it is like a drop creating a ripple in a pool of water. The ripple may rebound quickly, it may take a long time to rebound, or it may never come back. You just never know.

However, when it does come back it will return when you least expect it.

Pay it forward and expect nothing in return.

I was asked last week how did all of this manifest? I told them I had built strategic relationships and it just happened.

If you do this enough, good things do happen.

What are your strategic relationships?

Do you cultivate strategic relationships when managing your career?

Last but not least, please visit the Forbes and the Next Avenue articles and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google+.


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  1. Marc…

    Congratulations on your recent success. You are reaping the rewards of all the hard work you have put in. Keep the momentum going.

  2. I’m in the early stages of a book about real estate financing. I have been in the mortgage industry for 30+ years and with mortgages being so tough to get in today’s environment I’m hopeful a “path to buy” will attract readers.

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