Do you suffer from Skills Burn-Out Syndrome? (SBS)

Building SkillsDo you suffer from Skills Burn-Out Syndrome? (SBS)

You are probably going hmm… SBS. This sounds serious!

In my last post I talked about the differences between talents and skills. We acquire skills throughout our careers, usually because they are required for our jobs by our employers OR because they make us more valuable in the marketplace. Only occasionally, do we acquire skills because we want the skills.

If you have been working for more than ten years you have acquire multiple skills in that time. If you have been working for over thirty years like myself, you have acquired a whole lot more.

Some of these skills we are really good at! Many of these skills paid the mortgage, put food on the table and put our kids through college.


Do you have skills valued in the market that you no longer want to use? Tweet this out!

Do you suffer from Skills Burn-Out Syndrome? Tweet this out! The TLA (Three Letter Acronym) is SBS.


I am finding SBS increasing common among baby boomers.

How many unhappy lawyers do you know? There are a lot of unhappy lawyers out there who suffer from SBS!  They have valued skills that …… many would choose to stop using,  but do not for a lot of reasons. Money, prestige, student loans,….

In my last post, I talked about my talent for being a story teller.  I have spent most of my career in the computer and networking industries as a trainer and communicator. I developed the skill to inhale technologies and then spit them back out in stories, analogies and pictures that anyone could understand.

After my bicycle accident in 2002, where I should have died, I just did not want to do this anymore. After teaching high school math and working for a non-profit for three years, I went back to using my old skills. Why? I was lost and did not know what else to do.

After working for three years almost non-stop from 2007-2010, I said enough is enough. I did not want to use those skills anymore. If I had to inhale yet another complex technology I was going to BARF! I loved  the story telling,  but the inhaling of complex technologies that provided little value to our day to day life well….. BARF!

Could I do this? YES! Would people pay me a lot of money to do this? YES! Did I want to do this? NO!

Does this sound familiar?

I have multiple clients who have used the same skills for years. Frankly, they would rather set their hair on fire than to keep on using them.

What happens when they tell friends and colleagues that they do want to use them anymore?

OHHH… you are so…. good at it. Why would you want to stop?

I bet this sounds real familiar to a lot of you!  I am sure when you hear this you start to doubt your thinking.

SBS is a common diagnosis in the  baby boomer generation. Do you suffer from Skills Burn-Out Syndrome (SBS).

What skills do you possess that you do not want to use?

What is stopping you from doing something different?


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  1. The biggest question for a boomer could be: What do you want to do? Answer this and you can be assured that the passion for whatever they are doing in will come through.

  2. My name is Jennifer, and I have SBS .

    Now for the next 11 steps!

    • Marc Miller says:

      Congratulations you have taken the first step. I had not thought of starting a 12 step program for this. GOOD IDEA!!

  3. Christine says:

    Workshop, please!

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