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BoomerJobTipsBoomerJobTips Update

Welcome to this weeks BoomerJobTips Update the central point to get current career information for the Baby Boomer Generation!

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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. Hey, Marc.
    My name is Craig Parker, a B Boomer displaced by the Great Recession. I live in the central Rockies with my wife and our youngest. I’ve been up and down the road a time or two, and have acquired some perspectives that your readers might like to see. At 55, I pretty much just help neighbors who are in need of help, I bowhunt, fish, and write stories. I was puked on by corporate types, which is why I now focus on writing (and righting wrongs). Thankfully, I have traded Saville Row for Carhartt, and I am back to carpentry, my first career.
    As well, I am that point in my writing where I feel a need to be heard. It might as well start here.

    Holler, if you want me to email a short sample. Hope all is well, wherever you call homel
    Sincerely, Craig

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