Book Review – Winning Through Redundancy (Layoff)

Winning through redundancy or layoff? Huh?

 Winning through a layoff?  You got to be kidding.

I recently met Steve Preston, The Career Catalyst. Steve is British and lives in the United Kingdom. I discovered Steve though his workshop that works with the students on developing portfolio careers.

His book Winning Through Redundancy: Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future was just released on the US Amazon website last month.

Steve PrestonWarning: This book was written by an Englishman! He uses some funny vocabulary like Treacle, Redundancy and Curriculum Vitae. You will also find a lot of misspellings …. well the English do not think they are misspelled but you will!

Other than that it is a great book.

Steve introduces the Career Navigation Cycle process. This is a six step process that will take you from the depths of emotional turmoil of being laid off to getting you on the right path for your career.

Step #1 – Let go and look forward

It is time to look at where you have been and what is before you. It is a time for perspective. It is also the time to learn to manage the emotional rollercoaster you are now on.

Step # 2 – It’s time to re-evaluate

What needs to change? What get’s you out of bed each day? Reassess and rethink your finances. (This is the area I particularly like. Steve addresses all aspects of the situation: emotional, financial and career.)

Step # 3 – Establishing your true marketability

Steve writes about your entire package: resume or CV as he calls it, your personal brand, and how to showcase yourself.

Step # 4 – Exploring new opportunities

Where are these new opportunities and how do you find them? How do you manage your emotions as you explore. How to avoid “Walking in the Treacle”.  Remember I said Steve is British!

Step #5 – Deciding what to do

How to avoid the career trap and moving from chaos to clarity? Some of your biggest challenges in this process is on the emotional side of the equation.

Step #6 – Taking positive action

Now is the time to get in shape. Steve gives you plenty of exercises to take positive action.

Going through a resource action (darn… I mean a layoff) is a miserable experience. It can be a time for renewal.

This book provides a structure for you to follow to get you to your next step in your career.

Take a moment to read my last two posts on resource actions … I mean layoffs.

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