94% of companies are using social media to recruit

Social MediaAre you on Social Media for your career?

Social Media has become the predominant way companies promote their brand and find candidates.

Jobvite just release their e-book Jobvite’s 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey Results.

There is a lot interesting data in this report.

  • 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts
  • 78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media

The key take away is you need to be promoting yourself on Social Media to properly manage your career.

Which social media platforms should you be on?

Surprise, surprise the top platforms are LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter! However, LinkedIn is used 94% of the time!

Social Media Platforms

The difference is LinkedIn is used in the hiring process and Twitter and Facebook are used more for brand awareness!

Recruiting FunnelCompanies are using Twitter and FaceBook to promote themselves. Where you need to be as a candidate is on LinkedIn.

What should you posting?

Please understand that when you post to social media it is publishing to the world. Even if you keep your social media settings locked down, your friends can always pass on what you wrote.

93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social profile!

Candidates Social ProfileI recently had a client who tweeted about his politically views on Twitter. They were not radical but pretty out from the center. I warned him that there may be certain people that will not want to buy his products because of those tweets.

I do not post anything about my views on politics, religion or just about anything else related to my personal life.

Oh by the way spell check your posts!

Use Social Media for Referrals

The report says the best quality candidates come from referrals, social media and then the corporate website.Referrals

Therefore, when you learn of a position seek out people in your network who can submit your resume! This is why you need to strategically network to build relationships ahead of time in your targeted markets.


Whether you like it or not Social Media recruiting is here to stay. Please take the time to download  Jobvite’s 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey Results.

What is stopping you from developing a social media strategy for managing your career?


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