5 Key Attributes to Your LinkedIn Profile Summary [Video]

LinkedIn Profile Summary

The first thing you see in your LinkedIn profile is the LinkedIn profile summary section. There are 5 areas that I want to address in this article.











Having a high quality image of yourself is critical.  The picture should portray the story you will be building in your LinkedIn Profile. To read more on LinkedIn pictures check out my post Baby Boomers and Your Picture in Social Media


The headline field is 120 characters in length. Use all of it! It should be keyword rich and the last item in the headline should be a call to action. This could be your phone #, e-mail address or website address.

I am often asked but that information can be found else where. Well… maybe.  Your e-mail address is only accessible to 1st degree contacts.

I am often told by women that they are not comfortable putting their cell phone #s in their profile. Valid concern. Get a Google Voice #.

The call to action should direct the reader to contact me!


Since most searches on LinkedIn are done geographically setting your location is key. If you live in one city but looking for work in another, you will want to set the location to the city where you are looking. I had a client living in Georgia but looking for a position in Dallas. I had them set the location to Dallas and they immediately were being found by recruiters in Dallas.

Vanity URL

You should always generate a custom URL for Public LinkedIn Profile. More on your Public LinkedIn profile can be found in my post #1 Setting on LinkedIn to make sure your LinkedIn profile is found by Google.

Contact Information

The new LinkedIn profile has made it easier to find contact information. When you click on “contact information” You see the following:


What I want to point out is my website information. Notice it does not say personal website or company website. Use the other option to be able to enter a custom name for the website.

Check out the video below where I will walk you through my LinkedIn Profile Summary.

What does you LinkedIn Profile Summary look like?


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