#1 Method to Find the Keywords I Should Be Using to Manage My Career

In my last post I told you that you needed to use keywords in your  LinkedIn profile, personal website or your resume such that you are FOUND!

I have heard this from experts for the last few years and they never tell you how to find those keywords.

Those keywords are the vocabulary that hiring managers, recruiters and other HR professionals are using to find candidates. It is not the vocabulary that you think they are or should be using.

This about doing research into the language of corporations use to describe the people they are looking for.  The easiest place is to look at job descriptions.

Job descriptions are often rich in keywords and what we want to do is find the most common words and see how they are used in context. Watch the video below on how I use the word cloud website Tagcrowd to assist me in determining keywords.

You should follow this same procedure on at least the top five words in each job description. Find at least five job descriptions for similar positions to see if there is a pattern within the industry.

You can use this same process on:

  • Corporate web pages
  • Marketing collateral
  • White Papers
  • Facebook pages
  • Corporate LinkedIn pages

You are looking for the language that your target audience is using.  You should come up with a list of keywords and keyword phrases that you can now use in your Social Media platforms.

Have you looked for keywords before?  Have you looked for keyword phrases?  Will you now?

Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


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  1. Dean Goranson says:

    I’ve been so frustrated in filling out so many on line resume’s and on line apps not knowing
    what right keywords to use, having already been informed that virtually all apps and resumes are being read by computer programs. If my resume didn’t have the right keywords it would be thrown in to the either resume round file and a human never saw it.
    I will be curious to play with tag crowd to see how it helps me. P S If the format you read
    looks funky, It’s my computer doing weird and strang things when I submit

  2. Tag cloud generators can be really helpful tools to identify keywords.

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