What if you are not passionate about anything? – Followup

I have been writing this blog for eleven months.  The audience steadily grows by 10-15% per month. The traffic to the website should approach 4,000 visits in the month of May.

It is always interesting to see what garners attention measured by visits, social shares or comments.  My post on “What if you are not passionate about anything?” hit a home run for comments.

I post this blog on about 20 LinkedIn groups, my CareerPivot FaceBook page, my personal Google+ page and I even tweet some. Over all of those mediums I have received well over 80 comments.

The responses have been varied but similar to these.

  • Wow I am just like you. I am interested in many things but not passionate about any one area.

There is comfort when you know you are not alone.

  • I am interested in many things; when multiple interests are filled at work I am the most content.

I had a couple of comments like this and it is also true for me.  When I can combine my many interests in one project or job it is a lot of fun and I can feel true passion.

  • Do you have a pulse?  If so, you should be passionate about something!

We humans are a very special species.  More importantly no two of us are alike.  I have been fortunate to travel the world in my career.  I have taught in over 35 different countries and I spent a lot of time in the Peoples Republic of China from 2000 to 2003.  The more I understood the Chinese culture, the less I understood it. We are all different.

My favorite comment was:

Marc, I went on your blog.
In that post, you state that you are not passionate about anything.
In the About section of your same blog is stated : Marc is passionate about his work and the clients he serves.
I am confused…

My only response was to say You Got Me! I am passionate about helping people.  That is why I am doing what I am doing!

The last comment I got mentioned a TED talk by Larry Smith called Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career . This is as most of the TED videos quite thought provoking.

Thank to everyone for sharing!


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