LinkedIn Endorsements – What the heck are these?

LinkedIn EndorsementsLinkedIn Endorsements

Are you getting LinkedIn Endorsements and are not sure what to do with them?

I have gotten multiple e-mails in the past couple of weeks that stated:

I am getting endorsed by people and I really like this but …. what are they endorsing and how do I reciprocate?

LinkedIn instituted endorsements where you can put your stamp of approval on your contacts skills and expertise.

Watch the following short video on how to find your endorsements and how to provide LinkedIn Endorsements for your contacts.

I show you where to find your LinkedIn endorsements in your Linked profile and where to look for skills and expertisein your direct connection’s profile.

You probably have received e-mails that look like the following:

LinkedIn Edndorsements

What you want to do is click on Continue. This will take to your profile.

Skills and Expertise

I endorse only people I know well and I know that they have the skill.

Do this Daily.  Endorse between 5 and 10 per day.

What you will find that if you religiously endorse your contact’s skills on a daily basis, endorsements come back.  I have over 1,500 contacts and if each contact has 10 skills and expertise it will take years for me to go through all of my contact’s skills and expertise.

Do you create LinkedIn Endorsements for your contacts?

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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. I agree with your post. Particularly the caution to only endorse people you know and then only for skills you can verify the person has.

    Social Media is based on trust. You build trust by only saying things you know to be true. Clicking only the endorsements you really mean is part of speaking the truth. For example, I have met Marc and I follow this blog. Marc has earned an endorsement from me for career guidance. I would remain silent on the topic of skills in the semi-conductor industry simply because I have never had any dealings with him in that capacity.

    • Marc Miller says:

      As always you are correct. Only endorse contacts on skills expertise that you know they have.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nice Job Mark. What are these “endorsements”… It looks like lazy networking to me.. However it will make it easier to separate the players from the fakers..

    • Marc Miller says:

      Recommendations are heavy and require someone to put some thought to their words. This is push a button. It is the opposite and I have not a clue whether this will play out long term.

  3. Thank you, Marc! I was wondering what the heck those “endorsements” meant. Now I know how to return the favor!

    • Marc Miller says:

      I was prompted by two friends who are not social media savvy go “what are these things”! I am glad I could be of some help!

  4. Jim Coupal says:

    I would add that the interface you show allows you to endorse the contact for only one skill. What I prefer to do is to instead open the contact’s profile and then endorse on all the skills he/she lists that I can vouch for. That way you are done with that contact unless they add another skill. I have not yet heard any recruiter even make mention of endorsements, perhaps it is too early for this to have caught on with them yet, but it seems endorsements are just part of the overall package you present when recruiters or hiring managers view your LinkedIn profile. And I would also caution that not only does it not look to see blanket endorsements from you but also will not look good to see blanket endorsements on your profile. While editing your profile you can hide an endorsement from a person that you know cannot vouch for you on a specific skill by clicking the arrow to the right of that skill. But this becomes a maintenance issue and possibly a political problem if your contact becomes aware that you are hiding their endorsement(s).

    • Jim Coupal says:

      Note: if you do decide to hide an endorsement, it is effectively deleting it – it reduces your count and you do not have an opportunity to “unhide” it. Buyer beware.

      • Marc Miller says:

        I agree with you that it is unknown how recruiters and hiring managers will view endorsements. You are also correct that I showed that I only added a single skill to endorse but I could have done more.

        Endorsements need to be managed just as recommendations need to be managed. Check out my post on managing LinkedIn recommendations.

        Both recommendations and endorsements need to be managed.

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