I hate my job! How will I find a new job and not make the same mistake again?

I hate my job!

This is a common story I hear all of the time. I was talking to a group last weekend and I was asked:

How do we keep from making the same mistake again?

It is all about knowing what you want in seven components:

  • Boss
  • Team
  • Rewards
  • Variety
  • Rules/Structure
  • Emotional Environment
  • Activity

We will create a complete picture of what you want in your work environment. Once you know what you want, you can ask for what you want!

On July 30th we start the next session of the Cure for Career Insanity. This is a five week webinar series where we take you through:

  • Defining the Problem: What are you running away from in your current position or role? Is it the boss? If it is the boss what about the boss causes you to want to run away? Is it the work environment? What about the work environment?
  • Defining the Goal: What do you want to run towards?  What do you want in your next job that at least fixes what you are running away from?
  • Learning to Ask for What You Want: How do you ask for what you want? How do you use strategic networking and interviewing techniques to ensure you get what you want in the next position?
  • Framing Your Job Search for Maximum Effectiveness: What do you tell your next prospective employer when he asks why you want to leave your current position?  If you tell him the job stinks and your boss is an ogre, he will say: ”NEXT!”
  • Negotiating From Strength: How do you negotiate for what you want and IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY!!

If this sounds like it is for you please click here to learn more about the Cure for Career Insanity. The series is priced for a limited time at a very modest price of $97.  Class size will be limited to a maximum of 15 people.

Here is what some of the participants got from the last session

  • Feeling motivated and inspired after each session.
  • Listening to other’s stories and feeling less alone in my next career steps.
  • A  structure for thinking about what I like and don’t like in a job.
  • Identifying the seven key work areas, thinking about what they mean to you and then communicating that information to others.

My favorite was

I learned that 1) you have to know what you want, 2) you have to be willing to ask for it, and 3) you have to be able to articulate why certain things are important to you. This was all valuable to me because, while I am always thinking about what I don’t want in a role, I rarely take the time to think about what I do want. I appreciate that my thinking has been reframed to look for the things I do want.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Cure for Career Insanity

Marc Miller Career Design Specialist

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