Baby Boomers Repack Your Bags of Life

Repack Your BagsRepack Your Bags

Have you thought about what if you could do everything over again what would you do differently? You can repack your bags and do it again differently this time.

Authors Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro just came out with the third edition of Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Good Life. (affiliate link)

I have not read the latest edition but I am a huge fan of this series. The premise is in different phases of our live, we need to periodically:

  • Unpack our bags
  • Throw the unwanted and unneeded away
  • Gather what we now want and need
  • Repack our bags

They break life into three key parts:

  1. Our work life
  2. Our home life/family
  3. Our place/where we live

In each phase of our lives we carry around baggage. Do you know the bags you are carrying and WHY?

You know exactly what I am talking about! Let me tell you how my wife and I have repacked our bags.

Work Life

In 2002, I had a bicycle accident that could have been fatal. I collided with a car head on where our speeds exceeded 50 mph. Since that time I have been made multiple career pivots (teaching math in a inner city high school and developing non-profit fundraising programs) but I ended up back in high tech developing sophisticated technology curriculum.  It was in 2009 when I woke up to the fact that I was stressed out with high blood pressure and I was attending funerals of friends who were much too young to die. It was only then did I decide to start to plan out this new business called Career Pivot. I made a serious effort to repack my bags as it related to work.

Our Place

In early September of 2009 my wife and I decided to downsize. Our son was out of the house living in Washington D.C. and our three bedroom fifty year old house was taking up more and more time. We bought a two bedroom condominium that was half the size of our house. They second bedroom was for my wife’s office. She is a massage therapist and needed space to work on clients. There was no room for our son to boomerang home.

We bought and sold in the middle of the recession. We made the decision not to sell anything but to donate everything we did not move to charity. We had been in the house for 28 years and had a lot of stuff to donate!

It felt great!! We repacked our bags and downsized. We have lived here three years and it is great. This has dramatically cut our expenses and improved our quality of life.

Our Home Life

This transition has not always been easy on my wife’s and my relationship but we celebrated our 31’s wedding anniversary this year. When I was teaching in 2004, I had two senior boys, both poor and from broken homes, ask me:

“Mr. Miller how long have you been married?”

I responded “25 years”.

Then they asked “Has it always been interesting?”

I responded with a long pregnant pause to think “That is a very interesting way of asking. Yes, I can say it has always been ……. Interesting”.

Have you thought of repacking your bags of life?

What is stopping you? I highly recommend you get the book –> Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Good Life. (affiliate link)

If you missed my recent post on my upcoming book “Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers” please go check it out.


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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. I love the analogy of unpacking bags.

    I’ve found that every few years I do full clean outs. I do it in my home and sell off or give away a majority of my things that were weighing me down (either literally or figuratively). I do the same with my skill set. I look at what I’m doing and which of those items I enjoy. I also look back at skills I used to use and would like to dust off again. Thinking of things in this context often results in seeing relationships between them that I didn’t realize existed.

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