Baby Boomers and Your Picture in Social Media

Do you have to have your picture in your various Social Media profiles?

In my opinion — YES! I find a lot of Baby Boomers like their privacy and do not want to post pictures of themselves.

I was getting ready to write this post and I spotted a Forbes article titled The 8 Things You Do Wrong On LinkedIn,

Number 6 was the following:

Shelly“6) You don’t post a picture. No, it’s not a beauty contest (and actually, if you use a glamour shot-esque photo, you may get laughed off the interwebs). But a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. We’re not going to judge you, we just want transparency from you. If visuals weren’t important in the business world, you would get every job by simply going through a telephone interview (wouldn’t that be nice?). LinkedIn is very much the same way. Because it has the photo feature, you should be using it. We want to see who we’re working with, networking with and introducing ourselves to – we are visual creatures.”

Marc’s Comment: The picture to the right is my good friend Shelly Kochhar.  It is her glamour shot picture. Shelly is an incredibly talented lady who has started her own business.  However, she is a little bit….older in real life.  Shelly did give me permission to pick on her and now maybe she will let me or someone with a good eye and taste, take a picture of her.

Amy Persaud“The Fix: Ask a talented amateur photographer friend to snap a few pictures of you. Trust me, they’ll be more than willing and you’ll reap the rewards. While you’re at it, go ahead and use those pictures to create an page. It’s a lesser-known site, but one where you can make some great connections while also showing off a bit more personal flair than LinkedIn will allow.”

The picture to the left is Amy Persaud (check out her LinkedIn profile) who is an HR specialist who I have worked with.  I always use her picture when speaking on this topic because it is an excellent picture of her and it was taken with a smart phone. You do not need to spend a lot of money but you do need to find someone with a good eye and …..taste.  Something I do not have!!

If you are the creative type you should take a look at my good friend Nando Cabán-Méndez’s  picture. Nando is an extremely creative guy and you need to check out his Creative Journeyman website.

I show you this because it shows his flair and when you meet him in person you will recognize him!

In my opinion, you have to have a good photograph of yourself.  It should be current. I should not be heavily modified with photoshop.  A little is okay but a lot is not.  I have to be able to recognize you from the photograph.

LinkedIn Picture SettingsBy the way there is a setting in LinkedIn where you control who sees your picture! This is in the main LinkedIn settings under the title of Change your profile photo & visibility ».

Do you have a photograph on your LinkedIn profile? If not, why?



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Marc Miller Career Design Specialist


  1. Thanks for the mention, Marc. Of course, I recognized my mug when I saw you post on my Facebook stream (Social Media at work!).

  2. Lisa Ann Landry@Social Media Marketing Trainer says:

    I am a Baby Boom & yes I do have a profile picture (a real one of me) on all social platforms I participate on. When delivering social media marketing trainer I’ve noticed much resistance to using profile pictures and especial from the Baby Boomers. As a small business owners I use social media to take me places globally I can’t physically be. In the absence of a physical presence the profile picture gives the feeling of connecting with a real person. That’s one reason why profile pictures are so important.

    Lisa Ann Landry – Social Media Marketing Trainer
    Licensed Coach – The SNCC Way
    Need a light? I’m an exuberant force of light… Come light up your life!

    • Marc Miller says:

      Lisa Ann,
      Thanks for the response. I completely agree with you about feeling like you are connecting with a “real person”.

  3. BB Tomb says:

    Marc, given the topic of your article, I’m quite surprised that you have a default avatar next to your name in the comments.

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