Baby Boomer Guys – Do you look old? What are you going to do about it?

When I decided to start my business I already knew I had no taste as it relates to my personal appearance.  This was particularly apparent when my picture showed up a couple of times a year in the Austin Business Journal. And I did not like what I saw.

The picture to the right was taken in 2010 at my regular Metropolitan Breakfast club meeting. (That’s me on the right) As 2010 wound down, I became progressively more and more rundown. I turned in my resignation at the job I held January 4th, 2011 when I was disgusted with what was going on at work and I needed a break!

The stress of the job took it’s toll and you can see it in the next picture.

I started to look …… old. (That’s me on the left looking like I got hit with an old-guy stick)

I knew from my days at IBM that I had zero taste in clothes.  When my son was about 10 years old, we went on a shopping trip and he picked out several shirts for me. A week or so after that trip, I started getting compliments on how I looked. I could see a pattern, I am an engineer by training–we look for patterns.  Every time I got a compliment it was when I was wearing a shirt my son had picked out.  That is when I realized I had no taste.

So what was I going to do?

I hired Jean Lefebvre with Panache Image Consulting.  I had known Jean from my breakfast club for several years but I had never considered using her.  I knew as I started my business I needed help.  I did not want to look old! And I could no longer get my son to come back to Austin to pick out my shirts.

After and initial meeting we did the following:

  • Color analysis – I am an Autumn!  We are talking earth tones!
  • Closet cleanup – Jean came in and threw away at least half of my clothes.  My wife was VERY HAPPY!

I am a guy.  I do not get rid of clothes even if they look horrible or are out of style!

Guys — you know what I am talking about! Ask your wife!

I am very tall – 6 feet 4 inches, rather slim and very long from the waist up.  I have never been able to find shirts that fit.  Jean had me ordering custom-made shirts at a relatively affordable prices.  I let her pick out everything!

We ordered new slacks online, not cuffed and she sent me to a tailor to have them set to the exact right length. I bought new shoes that went with my new colors.

Boy did I look good! How much did I spend?  A lot less than you think!

My next step was to reduce stress, feel better and get new photos made for my website. That is for next time.

Guys, do you look old?  Look at pictures of yourself.


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  1. Jean Lefebvre of Panache Image Consulting definitely made some favorable improvements to your clothes. And you definitely improved your physical appearance by changing careers–good for you!

  2. Many clients come to me asking how to look younger. What they’re actually asking is how to look vital, alive and with a joie de vivre that the young and young at heart possess. Dressing for your coloring, face and body play a part. It is even more important to choose the clothing that will take you to the life and career you desire.

    Marc’s Career Pivot is the journey to getting you on the right track for the career and life of your dreams. I help you learn what to pack for the journey and your destination.

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