3 Biggest Barriers to Change in Making a Career Pivot

barriers to changeWhat are your “Barriers to Change”?

What is stopping you? Think about it!

We all have them! What is stopping you from making a career pivot?

3 Barriers to Change


  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of financial ruin
  • Fear of loss of prestige

Fear is a powerful emotion.

I remember riding a roller coaster with my son for the very first time. When we came to the end I asked him how was the experience. He said with a huge smile on his face:

That was scary! He had a huge smile on his face.

I asked him, if he wanted to do it again? He responded


Our fears protect us. They can also paralyze us. Often our fears are based on experiences but they can be totally made up, based on what we have been told by our parents, society, friends,…….

What fears do you have that are barriers to change?

Having to Ask for Help

I am a guy! I hate to ask for help! I do not like to ask for directions! There, I admitted it!

When making a change you will have to ask for help! When I went off to teach high school math after living through a near fatal bicycle accident, I was humbled! I had to learn to ask for help and it was not easy!

I was no longer the expert. I was teaching Algebra II to a room full of poor minority teenagers. I did not know their world and how to properly teach them in a way they could absorb the material! I had spent nearly 4 years training engineers in China and teaching these teenagers made that experience feel like a walk in the park.

I humbled myself and asked a teacher, who I was old enough to be her father, for help.

Are you ready to be humble and ask for help?  Is this one of your barriers to change?


When making a career pivot you will almost always end up making less money for a period of time. That is why you need to look at your entire life circumstances and possibly repack your bags. I wrote a blog post recently called Baby Boomers Repack Your Bags of Life.

I have made multiple career pivots where I went from making a nice six figure salary to making less that $40K per year. Each time I made the conscious decision and made lifestyle adjustments.

You need to ask yourself is it the money or your happiness?

What other barriers to change are there for you?

These are great things to ponder over during the holiday break. Take some time to write down your barriers to change.

If you would not mind share them below.

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